Mission statement:

The mission of the Tallassee Industrial Development Board is to work with city government and with county and state agencies to develop superior facilities and a cooperative environment for recruiting new industry to Tallassee, Alabama.  Furthermore, the board shall make these opportunities available to existing industries, thereby promoting their continued growth and success.



About Us:

The Tallassee Industrial Development Board consists of an administrative assistant, and a Board composed of civic and business leaders who live in the city of Tallassee. The Tallassee IDB works closely with the Mayor, City Council, and Elmore County Economic Development Authority (ECEDA) Executive Director to offer industrial prospects an outstanding industrial site.Tallassee is viewed as a city strategically positioned for growth. The city's reliable labor force and quality of life make Tallassee a prime location for industrial expansion and growth, as many major industries have proven with thriving operations here. Our community understands the importance of industry to the stability of our economy and we strive to provide a supportive atmosphere for their profitable coexistence.

The International Business Center is a 43,000 square foot multipurpose. multi-tenant facility which offers an innovative approach in proving needed transitional manufacturing space for more expanding existing industry, our incoming new industry and the true entrepreneur. In addition to the International Business Center's floor space, the Industrial Development Board can assist incoming businesses to find suitable existing structures and facilities which may be available in the Tallassee area.

Tallassee's Industrial Development Board has three industrial parks located near the city of Tallassee and within just a few miles of I-85. These industrial parks provide affordable quality property strategically located located for full utilization of our transportation system. These parks are: Tallassee Industrial Park, Tallassee Corporate Park, and Donald Reeves Airport Park.